Summary By The Numbers

340+ Students at University of California, Irvine
13 Quarters of teaching
6 Guest lectures
4 Introductory courses
1 Teaching award (among ~80 eligible, 3 were chosen)
1 High school math course as sole instructor

University of California, Irvine
Winter 2015
Econ 161A: Money and Banking with Brian C. Jenkins
Final TA Evaluations

[V]ery organized, excellent time management, passionate about subject, clear and understandable,
funny and humble

Fall 2014
Econ 161A Money and Banking with Michelle Garfinkel
Final TA Evaluations

TA was helpful, he knew a lot about the subject and explained everything clearly. He also
made the link between lecture and the discussion.

Midterm TA Evaluations

Very passionate TA that cares about students learning. He keeps the class engaged with his humor.

Spring 2014
Econ 161A Money and Banking with Brian C. Jenkins
Final TA Evaluations Section A2

Very clear at explaining everything and went into the same details as the lecture – was one of my most helpful TA’s.

Final TA Evaluations Section A3

Simply, the teaching assistant. Alejandro Komai is by far the best TA I’ve had for an economics course at UCI. He is very knowledgeable, professional, courteous, and helpful. He always goes the extra mile for the students in his discussion sections and office hours. Alejandro was always prepared and well-organized. He covered lecture material, homework questions, and worked through example problems in his discussion sections. Each discussion section was time well spent for the student.

Final TA Evaluations Section A4

Best T.A. I have had throughout my college experience. Understands how to translate the information to be easily understood and breaks everything down efficiently and concisely.

Fall 2013
Econ 100C Intermediate Economics III with Guillaume Rocheteau
Final TA Evaluations

Alejandro tries extremely hard to make sure his students understand the material, not just memorize it. I really appreciate the amount of effort he put into this course because I actually learned in his class. Most of the time TAs come unprepared and aren’t really effective or essential in the learning process over the quarter, but that definitely isn’t him! He’s one of the best TAs i’ve ever had.

Midterm TA Evaluations

I have finally found a TA at UCI that isn’t lazy. He is great at explaining hard concepts and
actually TEACHING material to students effectively.

Outstanding Teaching Assistant 2012-2013, awarded by the Department of Economics, UC Irvine

Spring 2013
Econ 100C Intermediate Economics III with Guillaume Rocheteau
Gave one guest lecture
Final TA Evaluations – Section B1

He was willing to answer any questions we had and encouraged us to go over the material on our own. He also encouraged us to talk to him during office hours; he made himself pretty approachable when it came to talking about the course material.

Final TA Evaluations – Section B2

The TA asks the students to nod heads as a way to check for their understanding, which is really effective, to me. He goes through the context of the problem thoroughly and proceed to answer the questions. This reinforces the students’ understanding of the material and give them a second chance to learn what they have heard in lecture.

Winter 2013
Guest lecturer Econ 149 Federal Reserve for Gary Richardson

Fall 2012
Econ 161A Money and Banking with Michelle Garfinkel
Webcast Final Review Session
Final TA Evaluations

Alejandro is awesome! Best TA I’ve ever had even better than majority of my professors!

Midterm TA Evaluations

He is really good at explaining how to do all the problems and makes sure that we understand everything before moving on. He is also really helpful in giving us the answers to the problem sets not just by handing the answers to us, but by thoroughly going over the process of how to do each problem. I have been to a few of the other TA’s for this course, and Alejandro definitely surpasses them in his knowledge and of how successful he is at running the discussion section.

Spring 2012
Social Science Honors 1E Revolutions and the Modern World with Dan Bogart and Gary Richardson
Gave one guest lecture
Final TA Evaluations Section A2

Alejandro really catered to the needs of the students which was extremely helpful for this course. He genuinely tried to help us understand the material and maintained a fair grading system.

Final TA Evaluations Section A3

The summaries of the lecture material was very useful, as were the review sessions for both the midterm and the final. He was very good at getting everyone in class to participate. Very approachable and was always available to students.

Winter 2012
Econ 169 Revolutions and the Modern World with Gary Richardson
Final TA Evaluations Section A2


Final TA Evaluations Section A3

His passion for the subject grabbed the attention of the students and he was great at making one critically think about and apply the material being learned.

Final TA Evaluations Section A4

Very detailed and got students to interact and think.

Don Bosco Technical Institutea

Summer 2010
Algebra II – sole instructor


Fall 2011
Guest Lecturer Econ 187 Upper Division Research Seminar: Applications of Economic Theory: Victims and Villains; Panics and Bubbles for Andrew Atkeson and William Simon

Spring 2011
Econ 1 Principles of Economics with Michael Sproul

Winter 2011
Econ 1 Principles of Economics with Michael Sproul

Fall 2010
Econ 107 History of Economic Theory with Joyce Appleby
Gave two guest lectures

Winter 2010
Econ 41 Statistics for Economists with Katalin Bognar

Fall 2009
Econ 41 Statistics for Economists with Bruce Brown

a. Teaching evaluations were unavailable.
b. Teaching evaluations were unavailable.

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